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Perennials - Framed Fresco Artwork with Embroidery

  • Original embroidered plaster fresco, 2019.


    Perennials is aone-of-a-kind textured fresco, crafted with layers of pigmented Italian plaster on cotton. The plaster surface is embellished with a delicate floral embroidery of cotton threads and glass beads. The embroidery design is stitched through the fresco sheet by hand.


    This fresco was inspired by nature’s tranquil grace and the subtle beauty of seasonal changes. Nature is dynamic and changeable yet there is assurance of permanence and calm in those changes too. It is where chaos is part of the order, and transience is the other side of harmony, in their perpetual dance of balance they create what our mind sees as beauty.


    Please note, colours, as seen in the images on your screen, may differ from the actual product colours.

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