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Our ready-to-order textures come in a chunky 40 x 50 cm size. Each plaster sheet is handmade with layers of pigmented Italian plaster on a simple woven base. Some of our designs are painted by hand and then each sheet is individually hand-cut. 


Only 1mm thick, the finish is breathable and durable, once on a solid surface. It can be cut, glued, punctured and removed. When applied correctly, the texture can be re-used, offering many creative opportunities to express your inner artist.



We make our textures with the finest quality Venetian plaster materials. We mix our own blends and add colours straight to plaster before we create intricate patterns with layers of pigmented material.  Our plasters have a coat or two of beeswax soap or a stronger sealant to protect it from moisture and weathering. 


Some of our designs are painted with colour glazes, have a rustic gold effect, embroidery and fabric trimming. In any case, every piece of plaster is painted, stitched, sealed, cut and woven by hand. This might not make each one of them perfect, we are honest about that, but it will certainly be original and individual. 


We cherish every mark of our hands, the little perfect “imperfections”, and we hope you will do too.



Each of our textures is a finished piece art. When used solo, it looks best with a frame


It can also be an element of a larger wall art composition. We designed our plasters to work with each other like mosaic. For example, all Sakura textures match with each other. Similarly, Rustic collection plasters are coordinated in colour.


Then, you can certainly use our ready-made textures to cover an entire wall surface. With a large 40 x 50cm size, our textures create a stunning plaster finish.


Our plasters stick to painted walls and other solid surfaces with a simple wallpaper adhesive. If you follow our recommendations correctly (See how-to page), you will be able to easily remove the plaster from the wall too.



We believe convenience and being kind to the environment shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Although our textures are ready-to-order we don’t support one-season shopping habits. Timeless in their design, removable and easy to take care of, our textures are made to last you for years.


Italian plaster is not recyclable, so we made it re-usable. Even when it cracks it can still be used and you can cut, stitch, glue, paint and weave it to make your own original artwork or a statement piece of décor.


We put our skills and passion into our textures, so you can have the best of it. Make it last.


Italian plaster is timeless, but these days our textures are more in trend than ever.

Check our selection of the most talk-of-the-town interior trend... it's all about OH THOSE NATURAL CURVES.

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