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What is a plaster texture sheet?


Our ready-made textures are a thin textured Venetian plaster sheet 40 x 50 cm in size that can be used as a surface finish or an artwork. Only 1cm thick, it is pliable enough to cut, puncture, and even stitch it. If you have a creative mind, you can make a lot of fun things with it.


Check out our Ideas pages to see what you can do with our textures.



What is it made of?


We use the finest quality Italian (Venetian) plasters, professional primers and sealants to craft our textures. Each plaster sheet has a breathable woven base, no harsh chemicals, just 100% cotton or linen. For paint glaze designs, like Sakura Sun and Sakura Moon, we use professional acrylic water-based paints.



How do you make it?


First, we infuse the base plaster mixture with the woven backing. Then, we craft the design and texture in very thin layers of Italian plaster, keeping the finish no thicker than 1mm. After that, once the plaster cures, we add colour glaze to some of our designs and finish it with a layer of protective sealant. Lastly, we cut each plaster by hand.


How durable is it?


Both the plaster mixtures we use, and cotton base have good breathability. The plaster surface is resistant to repeating washing and does not require special maintenance. Once it is on a wall, it is durable and behaves just like any other plaster finish - with the only difference that you can remove our textures.


Can I use it in kitchens and bathrooms?


Our plaster sheet textures can be used in kitchen and bathroom areas where they are not in constant contact with water and moisture.


For use in these spaces, use a strong wallpaper adhesive and seal the surface and seams to keep them watertight. Then apply a protective/clear varnish to the edge and seams. This prevents moisture penetrating and keeps the adhesive safe over time.


The plaster sheet is not suitable for use in a shower or steam-prone areas.


Our plaster sheet has a good resistance to humidity, however direct contact with splashes or water can lead to mould and dirt over long periods of time. To avoid this issue, apply a layer of clearcoat acrylic varnish to any plaster near splash-prone areas. Polivyne Decorators Dead Flat Varnish does a good job but don’t feel limited to this option only. There are many other good products out there. Remember to patch test your choice of varnish before full application as some products may distort the plaster colours.


Is it suitable for commercial spaces?


We use plaster blends and products that are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential spaces plaster application. However, because our textures are hand-made with various blends and sealants, we do not have product certification that might be required for commercial and public projects.


Is it fire-rated?


A simple answer is no, but we are working on it.


Do you have samples?

If you are interested in using our textures as interior wall coverings, we can send textures samples. Our samples are 10 x 15cm in size. Please reach out to us directly at

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