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We work with design creators and private collectors from all over the world, helping them to express unique visions for projects that value exquisite craft, timeless elegance and genuine quality. From luxurious texture murals to delicate fresco embroidery panels, we craft exclusive stories in plaster for truly unique interiors and luxury landscapes in Central London, Hong Kong, Dubai and beyond.


Experience authentic, mindful luxury with our handmade stucco wallcoverings. Pairing Vacarda’s exceptional craftsmanship with functional innovation and practicality, they bring luxurious textures and soothing designs to interiors that value timeless elegance.


Crafted from the finest quality Venetian plaster, also known as stucco or Italian plaster, and fused with a woven base, Vacarda’s wallcoverings come ready to install. Each stucco sheet is only 1mm thick, breathable and durable, and sealed to protect from moisture and weathering. Easy to apply to any solid surface using wallpaper adhesive, our wallcoverings can be trimmed, removed, and even reused, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional on-site plastering.


Our fresco wall coverings are handmade by blending the centuries-old techniques of Venetian decorative plastering with the artistry of buon affresco, mezzo fresco, and fresco secco. The designs are meticulously crafted using authentic Italian plasters and a variety of pigments, skilfully trowelled and fine-brushed to create the intricate interplay of colour and texture. Each of our frescos is an original work of art.


Vacarda’s frescos are available as ready-to-install 1mm-thick rollable sheets and solid-base panels.


Vacarda takes stucco plaster outside its conventional realm with hand-stitched embroidery, elevating the centuries-old heritage to a new level of timeless elegance. 


We craft these frescoes with pigmented stucco on cotton, achieving fineness and design intricacy with each layer of plaster. Once the plaster sheet has dried, delicate floral patterns are hand-stitched onto the surface using cotton or gold thread and glass beads. The artful execution and timeless originality make each Vacarda’s embroidered fresco a uniquely exclusive experience.


Order fulfilment takes from 12 weeks, depending on the design complexity and order size. Embroidery frescoes require a minimum of 20 weeks.


We deeply value the unique skills and dedication of our artists, which is reflected in our hand-crafted sample costs. While we offer a limited selection of free samples to our regular designer clients, customised samples are made upon request for a fee, or as part of the project design process.


For shipping, stucco and fresco sheets with softer textures will be rolled onto wide-diameter rolls. Harder sheets and panels will be carefully packed flat and shipped in crates or boxes, depending on the distance they need to travel.


For more information please read our FAQ’s page.

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