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Handmade Disclaimer
  • Vacarda Design textures are handmade and original, therefore variations might occur. We prepare our colours by adding pigments to plaster blends for each order. Due to this method, there will be subtle colour variations in samples and textures. It’s very likely that your bespoke piece will have random colour patterns that might not be present in a small sample.


  • The design pattern you see in the sample might not be identical to the pattern in the final piece. We might adjust the design density and composition to fit your project measurements so that it looks harmonious in the required size.



  • Our plaster sheets are cut by hand, and there may be deviations of a few millimetres. The larger the sheet, the greater the variations might be. We recommend you make adjustments to your measurements to account for that.



  • Plaster sheet edges will be covered with tape for protection during transport and preparation for installation. Remove the tape before applying the plaster to the wall, be careful as the sticky tape can cause the cotton base to unravel. If this happens, use fabric scissors to snip away the loose threads.


  • If left in a roll for long, the plaster sheet may temporarily develop curves. We recommend opening and laying the sheet flat as soon as you receive it. Leave the plaster to rest for 24 hours or as long as it needs to recover its shape, and don’t push any bumps or curves in the surface as this may cause cracks. Gravity will straighten the sheet without any force.


  • We only send our bespoke soft textures with Air Express service. This ensures a timely delivery to any part of the world and reduces the amount of time the plaster is left in a roll.


Check our How To Guides.

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