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What products can you make?

We make soft plaster wall coverings, solid wall art panels, frescos, tapestries, hangings, and artwork on canvas. We even made Italian plaster lampshade. Let us know what your vision is, and we will work with you to give it the right shape.




What materials do you use?

We use the finest quality Italian (Venetian) plasters, professional primers and sealants to craft our textures. Each plaster sheet has a breathable woven base, no harsh chemicals, just 100% cotton or linen. For paint glaze designs, like Sakura Sun and Sakura Moon, we use professional acrylic water-based paints.




What plaster sheet sizes can you make?

We can make plaster sheets in almost any size, as long as one of its sides does not exceed 275cm or 108’’.




Can you add margins?

Yes, we can add up to an inch (2.5cm) margin on each side.

Margins are helpful if the surface you apply the texture to is not of equal width/length across its stretch or if you want to have some room for mistakes. You will need to trim the sheet excess before installing it.

See our cutting how-to guide for details on how to trim the plaster sheet.



Can I use your textures outdoors?

Our soft textures, i.e., plaster sheet, is not suitable for exterior use. However, we can create decorative art panels for exterior placement. Let us know what you have in mind using our contact form and we will chat about the options for your project. 




Are your finishes suitable for commercial use?

We use plaster blends and products that are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential spaces plaster application. However, because our textures are hand-made with various blends and sealants, we do not have product certification that might be required for commercial and public projects.




Are your finishes fire-rated?

A simple answer is no. Our bespoke textures are made with a variety of plaster blends and protection materials, making it impossible for us to obtain fire-rating certificate that would apply to all our bespoke surface products.




Can you customise your listed designs?

Yes, we can customise our listed designs too. We can change colours, add other art elements and decorative details, including colour matching to swatches. We will make physical samples for your custom design too.

Please note, these designs changes will imply a Design Development fee of £360.

To enquire about existing design customization, please submit your request using Bespoke  Order Form.




How can I order a sample?

Our stock of art textures samples is very limited. Information on available samples can be found in the art textures gallery in the design description.

We can also make samples on request. Please note, art texture samples take several weeks to make. To pre-order such a sample please reach out to us using our Contact form and we will get in touch with you.




How heavy is the plaster sheet?

The plaster sheet can weigh between 1.2 and 1.7kg per square meter. Note that the weight will differ between designs.




How do you ship large sheets and murals?

Our soft plaster textures come in a 25 or 30cm wide roll. Hard plaster panels will be shipped in a crate or another protective shell, depending on its destination.

For more information about shipping and deliveries please read Delivery Policy.




What are your Shipping Charges?

Shipping charges depend on the package size, weight, and its destination country. Soft textures that do not exceed 255cm along one of its sides may be sent with air courier service. Longer packages will require air freight service.

Large bespoke orders, including our soft textures, might require custom-size packaging, which will add to the overall shipping costs.  




Where can you ship your products?

We ship orders to the EU, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and UAE, among other countries. If in doubt, please reach out and we will get back to you with your shipping options.




How long does it take for the order to be completed?

Every custom order is different. The production time will depend on the design, order measurements, and the time of the order placement. Our soft textures can take from six weeks to several months to craft. Artwork and art panels will require much more time.

We always do our best to complete each order in time for your planned project installation dates, and we can keep your order if your project installation is delayed.




Do you offer business discounts for Bespoke orders?

We don’t offer discounts on bespoke and custom orders. We are not a large manufacturer with huge production quantities. All our orders are carefully handcrafted by an artisan who dedicated years to develop unique craft skills, and we believe these unique skills, as well as materials, tools, effort and other costs, should be fairly paid for.

We also cherish our relationship with loyal clients and offer them discounted deals on frequent and large orders as much as we can.




How can I install a large plaster mural?


Our plaster sheet finishes are very easy to install. If your mural is large, we recommend finding an extra pair of hands.

  • If applying to a painted wall, make sure the wall surface is clean and dry.

  • Mark where the mural will be installed.

  • Apply the wallpaper adhesive onto the wall surface.

  • Apply the sheet by holding it gently at the ends. Make sure you keep the sheet straight without letting it drop, fold, or roll to avoid causing breakages and cracks.

  • Work over the sheet with your hands and a clean cloth to make sure there are no air bubbles underneath the sheet. Pay extra attention to the mural edges.

  • Wipe excess adhesive.

  • Enjoy your authentic plaster texture.

For more tips on installation, see our how-to guides

For advice on how to handle the plaster sheet, read the Do and Don’t section. 



How does the plaster sheet stay on the wall?


We thought you would ask that. Large plaster sheets can be heavy, but the weight spreads evenly when it is applied to the wall. The sheet holds on very well and it still can be removed for possible wall repairs and replacement.




How do I install your plaster so that I can remove it in the future?

Our soft plasters can be removed when you apply them to a non-porous and well-sealed surface with a standard wallpaper adhesive.

Porous surfaces such as MDF and unsealed wood will make it harder to remove the plaster without causing stretches and cracks to it. The same is true when using stronger adhesive blends.

We have found that our textures come off easier from walls painted with water-based paints. When installing the plaster, make sure the paint coat is not loose as it might come off with the sheet when you remove it.

Always handle the plaster with care and avoid excess pressure.




My question is not listed here. How can I contact you?

Still have questions? Email us to or send us your inquiry using the Contact Form and we will make sure we get back to you.

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