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K+P - Framed Fresco with Embroidery (65 x 75 cm)

  • Original embroidered plaster fresco, 2020.


    K+P is the story of love. Unnamed, forgotten and timeless, it becomes just a scribble on an old rusting garden wall, but as all things true it does not fade with time. Part turning into a kitschy trend, part being a memory of a beautiful thing, it makes the passers-by smile and wonder who K and P are.


    K+P is a one-of-a-kind textured fresco, crafted with layers of pigmented Italian plaster on cotton. The plaster surface is embellished with a cross-stitch embroidery of cotton and rayon threads and touched up with acrylic paint that gives the surface an iridescent sheen. The embroidery design is stitched through the fresco sheet by hand.


    Please note, colours, as seen in the images on your screen, may differ from the actual product colours.

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