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Jungle Sunset Kilim (145 x 188 cm)

  • This handcrafted one-of-a-kind kilim is a textured plaster fresco embellished with pure cotton and goose-feather trim and backed with the highest-quality Irish linen for extra-long life. The pliable fresco is crafted with layers of pigmented Italian plaster, a technique unique to Tanya Vacarda that results in a vivid colour-and-texture effect. All stitching is done by hand.

    The kilim is shipped in a 25cm-wide roll.


    The idea of plaster kilims came from the South-East European tradition of decorating walls with rugs. Kilims offered texture, lush patterns and colours to otherwise plain, whitewashed walls and were easy to move around. Tanya Vacarda marries this custom with another traditional wall material, Italian plaster, to create a visually stunning and mobile product.


    No special care is required. The surface should be treated like any other Italian plaster surface – avoid stains and spillages, and dust it off when needed.


    Please note, the colours seen in the images on your screen may differ from the actual product colours. If not sure, please order a sample first.

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