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I Still Love You (52 x 69 cm)

  • I Still Love You , 2021


    I Still Love You (2021) is about the dynamics of conflicting emotions. Loving is an evolving and breathing process, almost an animated being with its own life that can’t be tamed by logic.


    This limited series of mixed-media abstract artworks visualises different states of mind and emotions expressed through a delicate dance with texture and paint. Alluding to the Tao philosophy of accepting the natural flow of the Universe, each piece is a meditative collaboration with the material that captures dynamism with stillness, quietness with depth and movement, exuding the calming energy of imperfection embraced.

    In this series, Tanya Vacarda experiments with various plaster compounds and a calligraphy technique, while paying homage to the traditional Venetian plastering practice.


    Please note, colours may differ from those you see on your device screen.

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