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You will need: Wallpaper adhesive, a brush, a clean cloth, a pencil, a ruler, and a level guide.


  • First, prepare your wallpaper adhesive paste. Do not make it too watery or runny. The paste should be a cream-like consistency.

  • Apply the paste to the plaster sheet backside using the brush or, with large wall murals, apply the paste directly to the wall.

  • Make sure you have enough paste on the sheet edges as they tend to dry faster.

  • Hold the plaster at the top corners without applying too much pressure. Please note that the sheet will start absorbing the moisture once pasted and will become softer and more pliable.

  • Gently press the sheet against the surface you apply it to, starting from the top. Use a clean, dry cloth to press the sheet from the middle to the edges, pushing excess paste and air out.

  • If you need to reposition the plaster, gently lift it off the surface and re-apply.

  • If you notice any edges do not stick well, apply more paste on the backside in this area and press it against the surface for a few seconds.

  • When complete, wipe off any excess paste from the sheet edges.

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