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A closeup on artisan’s smudged hands holding a venetian plaster trowel.


We believe that genuine craftsmanship is about being honest and authentic, and we cherish every mark of our hands, the little perfect “imperfections”. We hope you will do too.


Honing our craft is our true passion. We have perfected our skills over the years of practice so you can have naturally tactile designs without the trouble of time-consuming and messy installations.

Only 1mm thick, our ready-to-order textures are handcrafted with authentic Venetian plasters, hand-painted, and hand-cut, and yes! you can remove it, so your landlord can have peace of mind.


Mindfulness is at the heart of our practice. From materials to finishes, we aim to provide wall art that gives more. We use plaster mixes that are durable and easy to care for.


Unlike many other wallcoverings, our textures can be re-used. Simply, apply them to any solid surface, even curved walls, move it around (with the right adhesive), creating new looks, or add your own spin onto it by transforming it into your own piece of art. Cut it, stitch it, reinvent it.


We take pride in our craft, and we want it to be part of your story, whichever way you use it.


Our designs are carefully curated to work together, offering endless possibilities for your home. Get creative, mix and match our textures to build a unique art look with just a few pieces. From a statement framed art piece to a panelled wall look, let it change and expand over time just as your space does.


Follow your impulse to create the beauty around you in your way, these impulses make us who we are. And if you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got plenty. Just visit our product shop galleries to get inspired.


There’s nothing like getting creative, but sometimes we need a little inspiration to get started. Explore our galleries here and below to get ideas for your home designs.

For more inspiration, see our Ideas pages.

Oh, Those Curves...

Curves and arches have been popping up in interior design and furniture for some time. Now, the shapes are more relaxed and organic, which follows the overall shift towards more naturalistic and feminine interiors. Soft, clean curves on walls easily balance and soften any space. This trend is here to stay for quite some time.