The pliable plaster project is the result of a determined effort to find a solution to a problem. It was fuelled by a passion for authentic tactile finishes and the desire to find a functional and reusable alternative to current laborious methods of creating textured finishes on site. The result is a thin, pliable and shippable wall covering product with an authentic texture that gives a new aesthetic twist and purpose to a traditional material like interior plasters. Pliable plaster is a beautifully tactile artisan finish which can be relocated and reused without compromising on beauty or form.  It has the mobility that the modern nomadic way of life demands.

The product is a 0.8–1.2 mm thick sheet made from plaster fused with textile that is flexible enough to be rolled and applied to a wall just like wallpaper. It has the strength, breathability and durability of an authentic plaster finish.

 The pliable plaster sheet is rollable and shippable as a finished product ready to go on a wall. It has good adhesion to almost any surface and it can be removed from the wall to be moved onto a different surface or re-used.  

The face surface is handmade with layers of hard-pressed pigmented Italian plaster. Our artisan approach allows for the crafting of distinctive textures and colour effects.


Tanya Vacarda first thought of a pliable plaster finish when she was working on interior commission projects as a designer and stylist. She saw the need for bespoke decorative texture finishes that offered a value beyond seasonal trends. However, creating such finishes on site took a lot of effort and was always a time-consuming task. Her idea was simple… What if there was a wall covering product with the texture and longevity of an authentic Italian plaster that is as easy to apply as wallpaper? With that vision in mind, after half a year of research and trials, Tanya created the first pliable plaster sheet.


With the pliable plaster finish, Vacarda Design aimed to create a product that has the best of both: the artisan luxury of a beautiful tactile finish and the ease and multifunctionality of use. The studio explored how a material can be reinvented for the modern environment by building on traditional techniques, artistic vision and innovative thinking. Tanya’s unique application techniques have emerged from the project that allows for beautiful texture and colour crafting effects to be expressed in a new form. 


Once the woven textile, cotton or linen, is fused with pigmented plaster, forming a thin tapestry sheet, texture and colour patterns are handcrafted and pressed layer by layer with a steel trowel to form a very thin yet visibly textured pliable finish. Decorative textile embellishments and brushwork accents are added afterwards before the surface is waxed.

​Fusing plasters with textiles allows us to add crazy embellishments to a seemingly solid surface. Silk ribbon, embroidery, beading, weaving… We love playing with texture contrasts that exhilarate our senses.


Italian plasters used in the making of our products are designed to be weather resistant, strong and durable. To make the surface even more durable, we apply a layer of beeswax to our finishes.

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