Jungle Sunset Plaster Kilim

One of a kind plaster kilim 

Hand-stitched plaster kilim with a decorative trim,  soft cotton felt interlining and linen backing.


Materials: Italian plaster, quality Irish linen, goose feather, pure cotton, silk, rayon.


Size:  H 188 x W145 cm  (+/- 2cm)


Quantity available: 1  


Price: £2300

Free shipment.

For trade discounts, please reach out.

Additional Information: 

This handcrafted wall tapestry in plaster is an exquisite work of art. It is made with layers of pigmented Italian plaster on cotton/linen canvas with a high-quality Irish linen backing and embellished with pure cotton and goose feather trim. 

The idea of plaster “kilims” came from the South-East European tradition of decorating walls with rugs. Kilims offered texture, lush patterns and colours to otherwise plain, whitewashed walls and were easy to move around. Vacarda Design marries this custom with another traditional wall material, Italian plaster, to create a visually stunning product. 

Order Completion: To commission a plaster kilim in a similar or custom finish, allow for up to 16 weeks for your order completion.  
Custom order prices will vary depending on design and size requirements. Other embellishments, such as embroidery, textile details, beading, gems,  etc., can be added at additional charge. 


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