These plaster finishes are all about handmade texture and organic design flow. You will never see a pattern that repeats itself. Instead, your eye and hand will wander across the random lines and marks of the trowel, finding new details every time. Naturally. 

All interior finishes are carefully handcrafted with authentic Italian plaster on a pure cotton base, which makes them easy to use and remove. You can apply plaster-on-canvas sheets straight to the wall, just like wallpaper, in a few easy steps. You can also re-purpose it by framing it to make a decorative panel, tapestry or focal-point mural. Most of the colours can be customised to meet your project requirements.



Each mural from this collection is an original and bespoke piece of art made as a plaster-on-canvas sheet, signed and dated by the artist. These one-of-a-kind murals look incredible when framed, adding a luxurious feel to any lifestyle and settings.

Each mural is made in one piece. For this reason, size limitations may apply.


The natural familiarity of organic patterns is soothing. They have both randomness and symmetry in their designs – the unpredictability that requires time to be observed and understood. It slows us down, naturally, making us pause and take a breath, adding another moment to our collection of memories and sensations.

We used soft natural hues that we observed around us and kept the designs simple but palpable, making the texture the focal point.


This collection is made of soft pastels and neutral-tone finishes with a timeless, weathered look that can turn a wall into a story with every bump and crease of texture. As one of the most popular wall-covering choices, these are perfect for creating a simple, luxurious look.

These finishes can be cut in sheets for an old-wallpaper plaster look, or as one-piece murals. Size limitations may apply.


With their naturally dramatic patterns, these finishes have the character to bring personality to a home, restaurant or hotel. They naturally draw the eye and look most spectacular and impressive as wall panels and focal-point murals. 

Each mural is made in one piece. For this reason, size limitations may apply.


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