Vacarda Design Press Release for Decorex 2019, London

Belfast-based Vacarda Design studio reinvents traditional craftsmanship


For the first time at Decorex International 2019 in London, Vacarda Design studio will present its bespoke design wallcovering, artfully handmade with Italian plaster and natural textiles. By reinventing traditional material and craftsmanship techniques, Vacarda Design creates unique artisan finishes and beautifully tactile wall products that exhilarate the senses and transform modern spaces.



Decorex 2019 Collection


The inspiration for the Decorex 2019 collection of bespoke plaster murals, wall panels and unique plaster wallpaper finishes came from the dramatic Northern Irish scenery and the work of local artists and makers. Despite its Emerald Isle reputation, the region is saturated with warm colours, ranging from intense burgundy to various shades of clay. The works of local ceramists and weavers, with their clarity of colours and simplicity of texture, also inspired some of the studio’s tactile designs. Every piece of the collection is unique and handmade to order.


The dramatic shoreline of the region is a story of the perpetual dance of the strong sea, winds and hills. An artwork made in collaboration with the Lurgan-based The Copper Otter weaving studio is directly inspired by the beauty and the surprising harmony of these contrasting elements married together by the nature of the land. The work will be on display at the Vacarda Design booth for the duration of the show.



 “Kilim” Plaster Tapestry


Part of the exhibition is one of Vacarda’s unique hand-plastered tapestries. The idea of plaster “kilims” came from the South-East European tradition of decorating walls with rugs. Kilims offered texture, lush patterns and colours to otherwise plain, whitewashed walls and were easy to move around. Vacarda Design marries this custom with another traditional wall material, Italian plaster, to create a unique and visually stunning product. The kilim design is crafted with layers of plaster on a linen base and is decorated with textile embellishments like silk trims, embroidery or beads to make it into a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

About Pliable Plaster


The pliable plaster project is the result of a long and determined effort to find a solution to a problem. It was fuelled by a passion for authentic tactile finishes and the desire to find a functional and reusable alternative to current laborious methods of creating textured finishes on site. The result is a thin, pliable and shippable wall covering with an authentic texture that gives a new aesthetic twist and purpose to a traditional material like interior plaster. Pliable plaster is a beautifully tactile artisan finish which can be relocated and reused without compromising on beauty or form. It has the versatility that the modern nomadic way of life demands.



About Vacarda Design


Vacarda Design, founded by Tanya Vacarda in 2018, is a creative surface design studio that specialises in high-end artisan wall coverings with a serious textural appeal. Using Italian plasters and her own unique technique, Tanya creates exceptional artistic finishes and products that have the flexibility and mobility that a modern and more fluid way of life demands.


The studio often collaborates with local Northern Irish crafters, weavers, ceramists and embroiderers to create haute couture decorative wall coverings, murals and artworks. The most recent project, an artwork made in collaboration with a Lurgan-based textile weaver, will be presented at the Decorex 2019 exhibition.



In Tanya Vacarda’s own words: 


“Each project I work on is an exploration of tactility and the aesthetic and therapeutic value of handmade products. I believe that by creating unexpected textural effects with enhanced tactility we can make living spaces healthy, more meaningful and engaging for the senses. Our tactile senses are not often stimulated in the indoor environment; we rarely enjoy the sensations and healing effects that touch can give. The enhanced handmade texture of Vacarda’s pliable plaster finishes invites the simple act of touch and adds another sensory dimension to interiors. A touch encourages a pause, and a pause is the closest thing to meditation.”

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