One of the most rewarding ways to enjoy my craft is to commission an original, bespoke work of art. Each project, whether it is a an artwork for private residency, an original mural for a hotel or a custom design for an interior agency, is a creative collaboration that will result in a unique and personal piece. I work with my clients to carefully select and match design, style and colour to their requirements, taking on board client’s ideas and wishes. The whole process is an incredibly exciting journey, leading to an original artwork with a soul.


  1. Select a style or collection you like. A great way to look for inspiration is to check my Art and Interior collection galleries, Instagram or Pinterest.

  2. Choose your work format. Would you like a bespoke mural, unstretched plaster-on-canvas, a decorative wall hanging or a small framed texture artwork? Think about how big your wall is and what impact you would like your piece to have. Would you like to apply your piece flush to the wall or hang it loosely?

  3. Take your measurements and send your bespoke work request details by filling in the form below. The more information you share the better. If you have any questions you can also email them to

  4. I will review your request and reach out to you to discuss your project and timeline, and to collect photo references from you. A bespoke work commission can take anything from six weeks to four months.

  5. You will receive initial design and composition sketches and up to three samples with your project colours and design to choose from, with the design being refined at each stage.

  6. Once you are happy with all aspects of the design and have chosen a sample, the crafting process can begin.

  7. The completed piece will be sent for framing and/or carefully packed and dispatched to you along with the Certificate of Authenticity.

      For more information please call +44 (0)7756265723 or email




Thanks for your request!