At the heart of my art is a passion for authenticity, texture and mindfulness. My method is about achieving balance and finding beauty in the random. Texture is an important expressive medium and an intuitive creative process that guides my trowel. This loosening of control enables me to create original works of art with a natural flow and tactility.

My technique is based on traditional Venetian plastering craftsmanship. By applying pigmented Italian plaster in thin layers, I create distinctively tactile imagery that has depth and personality.



This original collection of plaster weave tapestries explores the relationship between the material, form, and craft. Italian plaster is seen traditionally to be a coating material to decorate and protect walls. It is not expected to take any other creative form.  By treating it as a textile, I give the plaster pliability and the independence to take on new and surprising shapes. Once fragile and vulnerable, the material transforms, offering new expressive possibilities.

 Each hanging in this collection is made by fusing Italian plaster with fabric, cutting it into strips and weaving together in a pattern suggested by the dynamics between the strips. The result is a unique pliable plaster tapestry with a loose and unrepeatable design.


A search for balance between natural imperfection, the random and visual harmony, the Aurora Études is a series of artwork and wall murals in which I hoped to create a pattern with organic texture that is vivid and striking yet soothing and calming. Made in earthy tones, these frescos invite the grounding energy of nature into a space, enhancing any interior, by capturing the process when the random becomes beautiful.

Handcrafted with authentic Italian plaster, each piece is touched with iridescent gold paint to give the texture another dimension. The fresco is applied onto watercolour paper or a strong PVC foam base. Each work is as diverse as the last and can be framed, hung or simply propped against a surface.


Transience is the limited series of original portraits on canvas that explores the definitions of beauty. The vast spectrum of human beauty cannot be defined by the lines of the body, age, skin tone, fashion style or perfection, but instead comes through as the intertwining of personality, inner light and the colours of self-expression. It is about finding the balance outside any definitions and expectations. Anything else is transient.

Texture becomes an expressive medium in these portraits. Made by layering pigmented Italian plaster on stretched canvas, these works are accentuated with touches of gold, acrylic glaze or ink.


These re-imagined landscapes were inspired by the memories of travelling in Nepal. The mountains are the place that gives the mind the distance needed to put things in perspective – all that fills our lives and that truly matters. Each trip up there becomes a conversation with the self, each has its own mood – the soft nudes of a hazy morning or the bright pop colours of a vivid dream.

The texture in these landscapes forms the picks and creases, giving the works a realistic yet dreamlike feel.



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Holywood, Co. Down

United Kingdom

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