Italian plaster artisans. Innovators. Visual artists. 


Building on centuries of tradition, we’ve honed our techniques to develop original textures that you can take with you, literally. For us, craft, art and design go hand in hand.  Every piece of plaster we create is individual, born from our love for authenticity and mindfully nurtured to take its present shape.


We have a lot to share with you (keep scrolling), but we think the best way you can enjoy our story is in our textures. They are made to be touched.

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Established by Tanya Vacarda in 2018, Vacarda Design is a creative surface design studio in Northern Ireland. Simply, we create textures - exquisite, naturally tactile, made with authentic Italian plaster in our own techniques.


We believe we are good at it because we love what we do and so do our clients, who come from all parts of the world, like Canada, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Dubai and, of course, Ireland and London.


We paint original artworks and frescos too, only we use stucco as our medium and a trowel as a paintbrush.


What we are most proud of is being the exquisite makers of our shippable handmade Italian plaster textures in the world. If you haven’t seen it yet, you so should.


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Embracing transience as the natural order of things teaches us to live abundantly and to enjoy authenticity above perfection.


For us, an ideal environment is not front-page magazine shiny: it’s imperfect, lived-in and honest. It grows and changes with us. We believe that living, handmade objects have a story to tell. Every random scratch, smudge and wrinkle in the plaster adds to its personality and invites a touch. When we touch, we pause, making space for the next breath, bringing us one step closer to mindfulness and acceptance of the reality. Sometimes a simple caress is all we need to bring the world back to harmony.



Vacarda Design is based in County Down, Northern Ireland where the sea smells like freshly cut dill and the sunsets blush over Belfast hills at the sight of passing ferries. Yes, the fairies still live here. We call them neighbours and you can find the best raspberry and white chocolate scones in the Holywood cafes.


Initially, we thought we’d outgrow this place and go and conquer the world. Then we realised you don’t need a big place to do great things. If you truly love what you do, you can do it anywhere.


We have several production spaces in county Down and Belfast and we can ship our plaster textures to almost anywhere in the world.

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